Superfly III and Vapor VII Officially Debuts!

Superfly III:

Mercurial Vapor VII:
Let us know what you think about these soccer shoes so comment down below you don't need to register to comment. The more people comment the sooner we will do a Nike+ code contest!


  1. The color scheme is alright i would of preferred some other color scheme but i tried them on at a local store and im not gonna lie the felt real nice!

  2. When I received my superfly III's they felt a lot better than the superfly II's the upper was definitely a lot softer. The toe box is a plus now since it changed. I buy the Superfly's because of the fit the vapors don't fit me that well I'm a size 10US so when I tried the vapors there was a lot of room in the toe area so i tried a 9.5US and they were too tight but the superfly's fit me just right.


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