Puma King SL Review

The Puma King SL's contains a clean cut sharp design giving it an elegant look and this Black/Red/Silver colourway proves just that! As a player who has wide feet I found them to fit very true to size, so I suggest sticking to your regular size.

Breaking In/Comfort
Right from the get go I experienced no pain when it came to breaking these in thanks to the premium kangaroo leather upper. After fully breaking them in they became much more comfortable and offered a secure and snug fit. I did encounter some stud pressure but not enough to cause major discomfort.

The Puma King SL performed well on both turf and firm ground pitches and the studs offered great traction on both wet and dry conditions. The soft kangaroo leather upper offers a natural feel and touch on the ball. Even though the Puma King SL doesn't contain any technology in regards to enhancing power or control it is a light and comfortable boot that performs very well on various types of pitches. After 3 weeks of wearing them I found no issues with the upper or studs so I must say that they are very durable.

The kangaroo leather upper is impressive since it is soft right from the get go and it offers a natural feel and touch on the ball. I also noticed that the flat upper surface offers a clean striking surface. I experienced very little stud pressure but I wouldn't consider it deal breaker since the Puma King SL is both comfortable and light. In terms of durability the King Finale SL has held up well without any signs of wear and tear after 4 weeks of testing. To purchase a pair you can check out Puma.com or WeGotSoccer.


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